On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… (a LOAD of new tablets)

It’s almost christmas and while all over the western world, people are hunting down presents, computer companies are already preparing for next year.


It’s already been ‘leaked’ that 2011 will see a host of new products hitting the market, especially in the hotting up tablet isles of PC World. Apple, Microsoft, HP and a host of other hardware manufacturers have announced upcoming tablets to add to the filling store shelves and to the cool kid’s canvas bags which are flying around.

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iPhone 4, all the things you should know…

The long awaited day has finally arrived, yes, earlier this week Apple presented to the world the new iPhone 4, the biggest update to smart phones, well since the iphone itself was launched only three years ago.

The keynote given by Steve jobs the other day brushed over a few other updates, and omitted others, such as Safari 5 and general updates to the Mac mini line, all in between WiFi fails while trying to demonstrate sites on the iPhone.

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iPhone in the lead in Ireland’s smartphone market.

It’s official; the iPhone is Ireland’s most popular smart phone, beating the competition by a clear lead.

This week, DRG, a digital advertising agency announced that iPhone sales in Ireland had reached 250,000 handsets over the various models, and that iPhone internet browsers account for an increasing amount of web traffic in a recently released bunch of statistics for the Irish mobile market, one of the highest penetrated markets in the world (about two phones for every person in the country).

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