iOS 5, OS X Lion and iCloud but no iPhone 5?

Apple’s WWDC promises to bring in many new features to the range, but just what can we expect?

There’s a lot of buzz at the moment around next week’s World Wide Developer Conference. Steve Jobs, who is still on sick leave from Apple will be announcing a new line of products including the much anticipated OS X Lion and iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad along with a brand new service called iCloud.

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iPad 2, Just Another Stepping Stone?

The iPad 2, long awaited sequel to the original has finally been announced to the world. The thinner, lighter and altogether slightly more attractive device has been at last shown to us by Steve Jobs.

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iPad 2 hits the production lines.

The rumour mill is churning now, today it has been announced after much expectation that the iPad 2 has begun manufacture. The sequel to the best selling product of 2010, and what is widely seen as one of the pillars of Apple’s success is surrounded by mystery, speculation and curiosity, but not just from the fans.

Many apple shareholders see the iPad 2 as a test of Apples market strength without Steve Jobs at the helm. Still on medical leave, this is the first major product launched without Jobs since he returned to the computer company. Since he went on leave, stocks dived and investors got a little bit panicked over what they see as the company itself taking sick leave. Many still believe that Apple cannot survive without Jobs.

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Putting the Apple in TV

Apple this week have launched an attempt to transform yet another market, which some see as becoming stale and outdated; television. No doubt many were disappointed that no iphone or iPad updates were released apart from iOS4.2 as rumours had predicted for the Christmas market. However, the extremely exciting announcement of the new Apple TV picks up where it’s predecessor model left off (generally considered to be a flop, and just one of Jobs own pet projects) in beginning to make television much more networked an experience.

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iPhone in the lead in Ireland’s smartphone market.

It’s official; the iPhone is Ireland’s most popular smart phone, beating the competition by a clear lead.

This week, DRG, a digital advertising agency announced that iPhone sales in Ireland had reached 250,000 handsets over the various models, and that iPhone internet browsers account for an increasing amount of web traffic in a recently released bunch of statistics for the Irish mobile market, one of the highest penetrated markets in the world (about two phones for every person in the country).

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iPhone set to multitask your life!

Apple is set to release one of the most anticipated and useful updates of the iPhone’s existence in June, along with a major mobile operating system update; iPhone OS 4.0. Multitasking is set to be included in the latest software update, filling what was seen as a gaping hole in the benefits list of the iPhone specs.

The iPhone is one of few smart-phones which has not enabled multitasking, which is seen by most as a serious downfall when going to consider a new phone. Mostly, however, the cult of Apple and the handsets’ momentum in sales has kept this from being too serious an issue for first time consumers or the company in general.

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An Apple a day, keeps the competition away…

Apple has changed the world, literally. They’ve let us bring our music libraries with us where ever we go, made smart phones cool for the average joe blogs, now they’re going to shake up up portables and how we read news and magazines.

While this is brilliant for us, who are now so used to seeing the Apple logo, it’s practically one of our five-a-day now. The Software and hardware giant has also livened up competition, made other companies fight for our attention and forcing them to produce machines that don’t just work, but look attractive.

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