[OPINION] Why Google have started the Real Tablet War

Since the launch of the iPad, about three years ago now, competition has been springing up from every corner. Sony lunched their tablets which, while elegant were certainly the more unusual in the design spectrum. Samsung also threw a half dozen tablets into the market, with names no one can really remember and no discernible strategy of formula (The Note seems unsure whether it’s a phone, or a tablet). Amazon was the first real competition to the market, with the Fire. A low price point helped it clean up the Android tablet market. But, enter Google and everything changes.

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[FEATURE] Top Smartphones of the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is perhaps the biggest tech gathering of the year, with virtually every tech company and mobile network present for companies to unveil their plans for upcoming smartphones, and to generally show off what they can produce to the world.

Mobile world congress entrance

Entrance to the Mobile World Congress

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[FEATURE] The Ultrabook Guide

Not too long ago, Steve Jobs said that we’re now living in the Post-PC world, and to be honest it’s looking like he’s right. Growing tablet sales have severely dented laptop and PC sales as people look for more portable and affordable options for home computer use, which they can bring with them easily. The MacBook Air really was the first true Ultrabook, but with PC sales on a slow downward slant, many manufacturers have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and brought out their own super-slim devices.

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