[OPINION] Why Google have started the Real Tablet War

Since the launch of the iPad, about three years ago now, competition has been springing up from every corner. Sony lunched their tablets which, while elegant were certainly the more unusual in the design spectrum. Samsung also threw a half dozen tablets into the market, with names no one can really remember and no discernible strategy of formula (The Note seems unsure whether it’s a phone, or a tablet). Amazon was the first real competition to the market, with the Fire. A low price point helped it clean up the Android tablet market. But, enter Google and everything changes.


The original iPad circa 2010

Typically known for their average devices using stock OS, Google have never really seriously contended in the market. However, the search giant has learned some valuable lessons from Apple, which other companies should take note.

While they don’t manufacture anything themselves,Google seem to have skewed their offering to two devices and given Samsung (building the Nexus Prime) and Asus (building the Nexus Tablet) strict guidelines, Nexus Prime and Nexus Tablet both running stock Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean and they’re deffinitely picking up on less is more and heavy branding is key.

The Nexus tablet sees a huge shift in Google, showing that they’re beginning to focus much more strongly on design, rather than function. It really shows when you look at the sleek design on the Nexus, one which would tempte even the most ardent Apple fan.


The very stylish Google Nexus Tablet

With its low price point, sleek design and host of features, the Nexus has balanced affordability with function, without sacrificing on design. What it’s also done, is to limit the amount you can physically do, there’s no SD slot, no additional ports beyond the power and audio etc. This is a strategy that’s worked for Apple, with the lower price, Google are tapping into that plan.

While Apple produce the pitch perfect product from the off, Android is much more a learning curve, as you’d expect from the open source nature. What companies have perfected in featues, Amazon tailored in price and function, with Google formulating in design and OS.

Before the Nexus Tablet, Apple had little to worry about, but Google’s new approach, combined with an ever more tailored and focused software experience should give Apple pause. Google is learning from its mistakes, and learning fast.

Will this Apple fan boy be tempted? Well, I’ve bought an Android phone, but the iPad still has everything I need. Tempte, yes, but I will be sticking to the iPad for now.


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