[APP REVIEW] SnapSeed makes photo editing a snap!

If you downloaded the Apple 12 Apps of Christmas, then you’ve been lucky enough to have your phone stocked with some great apps, games and music (One Direction, swoon!). But for me, one app really stood out. Not being much of a gamer, Snapseed was my by far favourite, and an absolute gem in the app store crowd. This handy photo editing app allows you to edit images into any style you like, bringing amateur photography to a whole new level, which Instagram can’t even touch.

I’m a huge fan of Instagram and how it’s brought both mine, and every other user’s worlds to a whole new depth, allowing us everyday photographers to bring a real brightness and surrealism to what we see around us, but Snapseed takes this to a whole new level. With not just filters, but styles and effects your images can come to life in a whole new way.

There’s a few things to set Instagram and Snapseed apart, for one – Snapseed is not a social network, it’s a pure editing app, the second – while Instagram takes a filter and adds it to your images, Snapseed allows you to edit different aspects (brightness, contrast, texture, filters) separate of each other, so that no two images are the same, and each picture you end up posting looks completely different.

Before shot of Snapseed

The before shot. You'd never know that this was a bright and colourful beach-front!

the after shot following editing on snapseed

And the After shot, really bringing out the vibrancy, from a bit of a play around!

While the app gives you the chance to more freely edit your images, like the professionals, in the end – it’s a bit of fun. The best way to get used to it, with it’s slightly fidgety controls and various submenus of options is to take an image and play around with it, then save it to your gallery, you’re guaranteed that with a little playing about, your picture will turn out brilliantly.

If there was any criticism of the app, it’s that the various buttons and menus could do with better labeling – for example the option to save changes you’ve made is an arrow to the right of your picture, while the left one brings you back to the menu without saving anything, which can be frustrating and takes time to get used to for new users. The second problem is processing time, Snapseed can be slow in making changes to your image, while this generally isn’t a long period it can be annoying and leave you thinking about giving up.

Usually €3.99 on the app store for both iPhone and iPad, or free if you got the 12 Apps of Christmas, Snapseed is well worth downloading and brings amateur photo-editing to a whole new level which Instagram hasn’t touched, without needing to get an entire Creative Suite.

App score – 8.5/10


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