iOS 5, OS X Lion and iCloud but no iPhone 5?

Apple’s WWDC promises to bring in many new features to the range, but just what can we expect?

There’s a lot of buzz at the moment around next week’s World Wide Developer Conference. Steve Jobs, who is still on sick leave from Apple will be announcing a new line of products including the much anticipated OS X Lion and iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad along with a brand new service called iCloud.

Apple logo

Apple's developer conference should have a significant number of surprises.

It had been expected that Apple would be announcing the follow up to the iPhone 4, the new 5 model which would primarily feature NFC technology allowing for contactless payments. It has been suggested though, that a 4GS style patch might be released to address more minor issues like antennae problems.


The first of the major announcements is expected to be OS X Lion, the eighth version of the popular OS X operating system. Following on from the success of its mobile devices, Apple is looking to incorporate some of the best parts of iOS such as folders onto the Mac. From what I can see this brings things off the finder and back onto the desktop. It will be interesting to see how this works, and will be just in time for the new Air.


The next big software update is expected to be iOS 5 (which will not be available to iPhone 3G/S) which will allow for better notifications and photo sharing. The biggest update is to allow for cloud support for the new iCloud release. This is widely expected to be Apple’s challenge to the likes of Spotify or Grooveshark, where your iTunes will be made available on the cloud, allowing you to access your music on iTunes from your phone or anywhere else. It’s a big step into the realm of music sharing services, which will allow Apple to tap into a whole new market, and opening it up for more scope



Spotify and services like it might be at risk from iCloud

The MacBook Air set for a small upgrade this month, mostly to bring it up to scratch with the MacBook Pro range, which has been given some brilliant updates such as Thunderbolt, FaceTime camera and the new Intel i7 processor, replacing the Core 2 Duo. There’s also been some rumours circling of a 15” version being released, but for the moment this is fairly speculative.

Macbook air

The world's thinnest, lightest laptop

The WWDC is certainly going to be interesting, some of the biggest news will definitely be from iCloud and Lion, and with iOS 5 offering some much needed refreshers to the iOS platforms there should be a good overhaul of all Apple’s major services. After the launch of the iPad 2 earlier in the year with a new line of MacBook Pro’s being released it’s good to see the Air which is certainly one of the most aesthetic and appealing hardware designs getting upgraded with the powerful new add-ons it’s cousins got.

It would be nice however to get some update on the iPhone line, but I think the iPhone 4 ticks pretty much all of the boxes without needing a replacement.


WWDC will be on Monday.


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