Windows Phone 7 and the future of Nokia.


Opening the Windows for Nokia’s future. 

There’s been a lot of talk about Nokia recently, mostly in relation to their recent deal (take over as most would say) with Windows, whereby Nokia will provide the hardware, and Microsoft will provide the OS to their handsets.

Over the past few years, since the launch of the iPhone and then the rise of Google’s Android handsets, Nokia has been facing an uphill battle. Formerly the worlds largest handset manufacturers, many people simply don’t even consider a Nokia when buying a high end phone, or smartphone.

While Nokia still grows in areas like India and Africa, their markets in Europe and America have shrunk considerably. The recent announcement may not do too much to change that.

nokia n8 handset

Nokia's N8 Handset which was supposed to be Nokia's iPhone killer

From Nokia’s short term, it’s a good move – meaning the company can compete in the smartphone market more seriously with a much better OS. From Microsoft’s view it’s a fantastic deal, allowing them to boast their new and very strong OS is on one of the worlds most famous handset brands.

Nokia faced a tough choice, clearly Symbian isn’t going anywhere, no matter what the fanboys say. The Ovi store simply hasn’t the content, the idea of apps not being available for different handsets is laughable, major fall backs with music services etc have given a bad image and worst of all, the iphone really can do no wrong. Meego equally while a beacon of hope, really didn’t address more basic problems; namely that you cant really start from scratch with an app market in today’s market.

So the Finnish phone company faced the choice of battling on, or joining forces. The problem with the former is that you will lose the market and with the latter that you risk obscurity. To go with Android is essentially to become an Android phone, not a Nokia which is a fair enough reason to give people pause, you risk being made obscure by the Android work horses like HTC and Samsung, leaving the positively reviewed and relatively unused WIndows Phone 7. It also helps when your new CEO used to work for them, trojan horse?

htc desire

HTC Desire handset is one of the best selling Android phones

What exactly the future is for Nokia is unclear, it would be a shame to see them go given the massive influence on communication in Europe they made in the 90’s (anyone remember playing Snake on the 3200?). Either way I’ll be looking forward to reviewing the new Nokia Windows Phone 7 when it comes out.

Nokia will be releasing the first of their Windows Phone 7 to the Irish and European market later this year or early 2012.


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