Wired for iPad 2.0

So today the new Wired for iPad is out, and it must be said, it looks great! Two issues into the new digital future, and the sharp, crisp and clean screen is really showing through. Some miss the texture of the paper, but the sharp, interactive nature of the new just works.

I still feel that Conde Nast could have done a bit more, just a bit to make this app even better, but then would this take away from the traditional element of actually wanting to read articles.

Many complaints have been levelled against Wired since its app came out, American users have complained that the app can’t be paid for on a subscription basis, it’s more expensive year-on-year than the paper version for them, and the storage capacity of the ipad means that either a new app gets downloaded every time, or having to overwrite the old app and lose that issue forever.

It is true, for Americans, it is indeed more expensive. However, for us here in Ireland, where an issue is €6.99 a go and yearly subscriptions are pricey; the €2.99 is very welcome savings and cheap as chips by comparison.

Nice move Wired!

Also addressed is the fear of storage, well it is true that the app icon changes colour, there’s no new app popping up and for a second, you almost fear that the old issue is gone forever.

What you’re greeted with is a screen showing the new issue, and the previous one. The issues are now stored in the cloud, rather than all being squeezed into the ipad’s memory. So you now have, no issues stored, and haven’t yet bought the latest issue. A quick tap and the new issue is downloaded and installed, while the older ones are still present and can be downloaded at any time.

It’s a very clever way to get around what was becoming a bit of a concern as people read their digital version, only to look up at the stacks of paper ones which tend to built up.

One problem I can see is that if you suddenly think of an issue you want and have to run for a hotspot, if you’re not lucky enough to have a 3G iPad or have ran out of broadband credit.

But it’s better then having lost everything, and I for one, am quite pleased with the solution.


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