iOS 4, worth it? Really?

Apologies must firstly be given for the unforgivable delay in this blog, but it has given me time to truly asses and appreciate the new iPhone operating system, or iOS 4 as it’s now named.

I’ve had a few gripes with the update, which brings about some sweeping changes to the worlds most popular phone. But I’ll be dealing with my gripes later, the plus points and benefits are just huge.

I’m working on iOS4 from an iPhone 3G, and even with the limited features available from the new operating system; the phone is most certainly smoother looking, the folders are hugely space saving and an all together brilliant idea.

Folders on the new OS from a 3G model viewpoint are the most noticeable change to the system, I’ve condensed seven pages of apps down to just one. The folders are much handier than scrolling through pages, and even easier than the spotlight feature brought about by the OS3 update.

iphone 4 with folders

All neat and tidy, apps in their folders!

A folder can fit 12 apps, and can be personalised by name and location on the screen, they’re created by passing down on an app as yup would to move it and holding it over another until the folder options appear.

While they are easier to navigate and do look good on screen, folders can often leave you humming and hawing for a moment sometimes while you remember where you left your app.

Also brought in is an improvement to Mail; conversations are now stored much more neatly, multiple accounts are now able to be routed through the one. Delete is now changed to ‘archive’ which has it’s uses.

Many things are included in the upgrade, which aren’t available on theta iPhone 3G, which is fair enough given its limited battery and camera. Wallpapers much like on the iPad are available on newer models, as is multitasking – possibly the biggest game changer for the iphone yet. For quite some time it’s been the competitions best criticism of the iPhone, the lack of multitasking.

There are dozens of other features all making life easier on the iPhone, not least the multiple-tasking and the folders.

Problems, however are cropping up. In my experience, some apps just aren’t working on the new OS. Spotify, for example crashes and loops with the new operating system, and my phone is much less responsive at times, either become sluggish, or simply refusing to unlock or respond at all!

Stpotify keeps crashing

Crashing, and crashing - some apps don't totally agree with iOS4

This could be an issue with the handset, but Apple should be absolutely certain that the new operating system works flawlessly with all models supported. The app crashes, to be fair are the problem of the developer, and it’s not really Apple’s fault if they can’t keep up to date with plenty of notice.

I, along with others, wasn’t too keen on the three hour time scale for the update from start to finish, it seemed that the phone was completely wiped and reloaded which I can’t say I remember from OS3.

In other news iPhone 4 related, we all know of the problems being experienced by people with signal strength and how they hold their new phones; some people have been coming up with some, novel ideas on how to combat this… Nokia have also hit back here with their own ideas!

Apple have contested that this is a flaw, but one that exists in all phones! Not totally surprising, but for the biggest overhaul to the worlds most famous phone – they really should have thought of this, is everyone in Cupertino a righty?


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  1. Nice post and I agree that the update isn’t without flaws. I do however think that there is a huge difference between the update on a 3G Vs a 3Gs! I blame the devs on not having their apps ready in time, 100% on them! Btw – 3Gs = 50min full install of new OS

    I’m a righty that always protects my phone with a case, no reception issues ahead for me 🙂

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