iPads reach 2million + and why Wired doesn’t get top marks…

It has been announced that Apple, expect to ship 8million iPads in 2010, roundly trumping all previous expectations.

With the successful launch of the iPad across the world, Apple is now confident that it can ship up to 8million units by the end of the year. Hoping to continue on it’s wave of popularity, the iPad is still the most wanted device, and is set to be upgraded in late June with the latest operating system, OS 4 which is also being released for the iPhone.

Late last week, the iPad went on international sale, with lines of eager fans running the length of Oxford Street in anticipation of laying hands on the most famous device put in the market since the iPhone,ms

Apple iPad

iPad gets around, 8million times possibly!

The most popular model being picked up by customers so far is the 16GB 3G version, with both Vodafone and O2 offering mobile broadband plans with their micro sim packages with pretty good rates for pay-as-you-go, both networks are offering these in Ireland too, so keep an eye out!

It has also been announced, officially that Apple is now the worlds largest mobile technology firm, and one of the biggest technology firms, with the iPhone closing in on 40 million units sold, ipads storming into shops and macs becoming more and more commonplace in peoples homes and offices.

A quick review too of the Wired app for iPad, which is one of the most awaited apps since its demo video some months ago. The magazine is sharp, crisp and clear with clever content management. There are several options for scrolling through the magazine, including a slider, a layout overview and a contents drop down menu.

Adverts also feel, just good – crisp images and text, embedded videos, some even taking advantage of the ipad’s screen rotation.  There’s also some nice little features and gimmicks, like tapping on different parts of a page to show various content, or scrolling around to view a 3D image.

Some drawbacks to the app are as follows, and they are fairly big. First is the embedded videos; to play these the page fades out and brings up a YouTube pane, I feel that this takes away from an otherwise smooth interface, and isn’t really needed. The magazine would be much better should the videos not take over the entire screen.

Wired iPad app

Not perfect, but a pretty decent stab!

Also something to gripe about may be the price; €4 isn’t bad for a single issue at a time, however considering that a yearly subscription to the magazine is cheaper to buy in person or through postal orders, which makes it a serious drawback considering you have to pay for each app separately. Another minor issue is that each issue is a separate app, which can make your iTunes very bulky and makes it tougher to flick through your back issues at a whim.

Over all however, Wired made a good app, which gets a solid 7/10! also it has been placed on the most popular tablet device ever, which will count for a lot when that 8million figure is trumped.


Please note that in the next day or two there’ll be a full low down on the new iPhone 4, just waiting to see on any further news from a keynote that seemed to be cut short? But I’ll have a good long review up VERY soon!

And Apologies for not posting, away on personal matters – back now though 🙂


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