iPad sales on the up, Google not far behind…

Recently it has been announced that the iPad has reached well over one million sales, shadowing the iPhone, which took slightly longer to reach the same figure. Just as this news comes in, the predators start circling.

Yesterday it was announced that Google was teaming up with Verizon in the states to make it’s own tablet computer, also another company has announced it’s own entrant to the market, taking the place of Microsoft’s recent withdrawal; Blackberry have decided to launch their own tablet, announced today.

googlet tablet computer

Google's answer to the iPad, stepping more and more into Apple territory...

Research in Motion, makers of the popular smart phones have said today that their tablet will have a screen size of 8.9inches and unlike the iPad or Google tablet will not have mobile networking, instead it will use your Blackberry’s existing connection over WiFi or Bluetooth.

This is a bit odd, given that it skims down the potential market quite seriously when comparing with both the iPad and Google pad, which both offer 3G mobile Internet on their tablets, or at least have the option, and in a world where people are getting more and more used to having information on demand, it could be frustrating for some. In saying this, WiFi iPad sales are still through the roof, and there is a potential market for people who neither want a full PC, nor the now more and more redundant, net book.

This is, however the only big difference between Blackberry tablet and the others which are beginning to fill the market. The new device allows users to read e-books, magazines, web browsing, photo viewing and all the rest we’ve come to expect as standard in mobile devices.

Details on the Google Pad are still shady, however we do know that it will have mobile connectivity, and it will probably be released this year. The product name, specs and operating system are still kept quiet by Google, but it might just be Chrome OS, if the search giant has given up on their plans for a net book and jumped straight to tablet.

Google will have to work hard to catch up with Apple on this one, buoyed by the news that Android phones have outsold iPhones for the first time ever Google may be in with a chance, but none of those phones were a Nexus One, the companies own model – a product flop that Google can’t afford a second time, in such a high profile market.

apple ipad

iPad has started another war...

As was stated way back in January, 2010 is the year of the tablet, and will more manufacturers be quick to get on board? Microsoft and HP both cancelled their own products after the iPad release, with Blackberry and Google jumping in to take their places.

Expect the competition to really heat up come autumn, and Apple has an early start… Can any of their mobile products be killed? We’ll have to wait and see…


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