iPhone becomes truly wireless and start digging for floppy’s

A new way to sync our iPhones and iPads might be on the way soon enough, doing away with those USB cables, which can be a bit of a nuisance at times when looking for a quick sync.

A bright spark of a developer has come up with a new App called Wi-Fi Sync, which enables users to wirelessly sync their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches to their computer using their home wireless networks.

The developer suggest that the application fully conforms with Apple’s strict rules regarding the approval of apps on their store, which has seen the death of many hopefuls for too closely mimicing a native feature, or not being seen as suitable.

Looks like the app will be compatible with both Mac and Windows computers when it’s launched.

The same day we began writing our epilogue to the floppy disk, which has  long served us all through out the 90’s and naughties. Sony has announced that it is finally allowing the 3 1/2 inch floppy to go the way of the dinosaur, dodo, betamax and VHS.

The workhorse of file portability seems like an archaic plastic lump, carrying only 1.44MB of memory when compared to modern data storage devices, like SD cards which carry phenomenal amounts.

While the Japanese market still sold over 12 million disks last year, it’s a huge decrease from 50million almost a decade ago.

floopy drive

Piles still in our desks, but no longer on shop shelves...

Realistically speaking; the floppy went into decline as early as 1998 when the iMac got rid of their floppy drive, but it lasted almost 30 years since its arrival in 1981, making it an OAP in terms of computing.

So while you’re wirelessly syncing your iPhone, spare a thought for the floppy disks we all have piled in our drawers.


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