iPhones in bars and TV’s go 3D…

It’s been an eventful week for technology world; We’ve seen Facebook ‘like’ the internet, secret space planes being launched, HP give more details on its Slate and least of all there’s some serious sacking going on in Apple all over a bar, $5,000, photos and some German beer.

Unless you’ve been on holidays on Mars for the past few days, and the roaming costs a fortune, then you’ll know that the iPhone 4G has been the centre of the biggest leak of the year. Gray Powell, a now infamous name in Cupertino and (former) Apple employee left the next iPhone in a bar, only to be picked up by someone who later sold the handset on to the popular tech website, Gizmodo.

From what we can see, the new iPhone is slimmer, glossier and slightly more square than the previous models. Whether this is actually the actual, finalised iPhone model, or just an earlier prototype, dropped as a red herring to the technology world still remains to be seen. Apple wasn’t giving much away apart from demanding the return of the device at once, when the news went live, along with pictures and videos of the phone in action.

iphone 4

Ooooh... all shiny and new and sneaky...

If this is the actual handset then it means that quite a lot of wind has been taken out of Apple’s sails come June, unless they very quickly begin altering the design which just might be to late. However, it wouldn’t be beyond belief that the leak is a red herring; making an even bigger product launch come June, and knocking tech boffins right off their seats.

From phones to televisions, and this week also saw the first sales of 3D televisions in the UK and Ireland, promising to revolutionise the television industry, bringing Avatar style effects to your living room. Companies like Sony seem to be betting their all on this new market; investing heavily in the new production line, which is now a make or break scenario. For many it’s seen that if 3D doesn’t take off then there’s no chance for it; no middle ground like blu-ray has enjoyed in the space between DVDs and direct downloads.

The question people need to ask is; Do you want to see Anne Doyle in a third dimension?

3d telly

From the 6.01 news to Corrie, all now in 3-D

This week also, HP’s CEO was good enough to sit down and discuss the new Slate running Windows 7, the most visible sign of potential resistance to the Apple iPad, which has made big waves in the world of both technology and media only a few weeks after its launch.

Facebook has also launched not only a universal ‘like’ button, but it also removed its lite version, after launching it only six or seven months ago. The popular social networking site it also teaming up with Microsoft to launch a cloud cloud service similar to Google Docs, in attempt to challenge the worlds biggest search engine further, how exactly this will gel with  the site’s ‘social’ aspect by including a more ‘work’ aspect.

This is only a brief overview of what has been a really exciting week, and there’ll be more features and reviews being uploaded soon!


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