iPhone OS 4.0 demo time

It’s been a good month for Apple, the iPad has finally hit the shelves and was whipped up in the first day by eager fans and tech shoppers, and after much waiting and speculating; iPhone OS 4.0 is also finally set to be announced.

It is expected that on Thursday (tomorrow) Apple will be announcing the details of the long awaited update which will be sent out to around 40million iPhones and 300,000+ iPads in June.

iphone sales

A lot sold, more to sell with the new iPhone 4.0, or 4G...

Dozens of new features are expected and have been included with the latest software build, with many being specifically tailored for the iPad and the new iPhone, which is also expected to be released to stores in June.

Updates should include long awaited features such as multitasking, which has long been seen as the Achilles heel of the iPhone compared to other smart phones and will make the iPad even more of a killer device given that it is much more of a half way house between an iPhone and netbook and seen as a necessity for such a machine.

Also set to be included is an improvement to screen resolution and sharpness, more efficient processing, support for another camera (likely a hardware update with the new model to allow for video conferencing), better voice-to-text software, and some have even suggested a cloud based music service which streams over your 3G or WiFi connection, possibly triggering another competition with other online streaming music services like Spotify or Sky Music who have apps on the app store.

The updated OS will also be released straight to the iPad which runs the same operating system as the iPhone, if not slightly modified to allow for the presence of a background wallpaper image. Beware, however as there have been rumours floating around that iPad software updates will not be free, but at the moment these are just that, rumours and most people don’t really see Apple charging for software updates, especially on some of their free apps.

The update will complete what is already one of the hottest gadgets of all time, the iPad has already sold over 300,000 units in its first day, had over a quarter of a million ebook downloads on it’s new bookstore, and even more apps and should also compliment nicely the new iPhone, which is already getting concept designs with some amazing hardware upgrades.

ipad the most popular

The iPad, probably the most popular device of the year, had a fantastic opening day

So it can be taken as pretty official that the iPad, which is a bit controversial is a hit – and already proving to be popular, with the famous YouTube channel, ‘Will it blend’ already having taken one apart and making many people well up slightly.

The new Software updates, for the iPhone and iPad, along with hardware overhauls for Apple’s phone and computer line will help to shorten the ever closing gap between the Cupertino giant and the market bigwigs both in the smart phone field and the computing one.

These new releases help 2010 not only to be the year of the tablet (which has been long overdue) but also a fantastic year for both companies and consumers, with competition being rife among manufacturers and better products being produced as a result, and better bang for your buck for us on the other side of the till.


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