iPad wi-fi dropping… sometimes…

A few days after the release of the long awaited iPad, many new owners are reporting problems with their gadget’s wi-fi.

Hundreds have reported that their new tablet computer, which has been lauded as the saviour of print media, and a revolution to portable computing, is having big wi-fi problem.

Users are complaining that their new pads are giving weak and unreliable wi-fi reception, resulting in slow download times. Some have attributed this to the position of the in-built wi-fi antenna, or even something as minor as a software bug.

ipad wi-fi dropping

iPad wi-fi drops, no - wait! it's back, no it's gone again... dammit!

Users complaining on the Apple user forums have been responded to promptly by the company, who recommend a number of options to help remedy the problem, such as re-setting the operating system, or that the problem may be caused by dual band routers and to change your router settings, which isn’t really an option in a cafe or bar.

No other major glitches have been reported so far, and out of the 300,000 + sold so far, only a few hundred are reporting this problem, so it is just a small percentage of the amount sold so far.

Glitches such as these are to be expected with any new device released onto the market, and can often be in much higher amounts, but usually on lower profile launches.

At the very least it’s shown some people that Apple isn’t, totally perfect, and the road to revolutionising the industry isn’t always smooth, there’s always pebbles along the way.


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