iPhone in the lead in Ireland’s smartphone market.

It’s official; the iPhone is Ireland’s most popular smart phone, beating the competition by a clear lead.

This week, DRG, a digital advertising agency announced that iPhone sales in Ireland had reached 250,000 handsets over the various models, and that iPhone internet browsers account for an increasing amount of web traffic in a recently released bunch of statistics for the Irish mobile market, one of the highest penetrated markets in the world (about two phones for every person in the country).

iPhone model

Best seller; the iPhone (subject to updates come June)

O2 have, unsurprisingly, shown the highest amount of mobile traffic from the iPhone with 35% and 10% coming from Vodafone, even before the handset has been made available on their network. Interestingly enough, the statistics also have shown that iPhone take up pretty much stalled between September and November, but grew by over 50% since December.

DRG’s research also found that the runners up in the market, in second and third most popular slots were Nokia’s E and N series and Blackberry’s 8000 model phones respectively. Surprising to see is Android’s inroads into the market, with the HTC Hero – running on Google’s mobile operating system, which they hope will topple the iPhone, already has a 0.5% market share since its launch on Meteor in October.

Over all Apple doesn’t hold the lead for handset sales when talking about Irish mobile sales in general, the top five manufacturers are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Samsung and Apple.

HTC Hero running Android

HTC and Google playing catch up in a big market.

The news of Apple’s success in the smart phone market here, comes in a week where rumours across the internet are rife about what Steve Jobs and Apple will be announcing at their event in June. Most speculators are saying that we’ll finally be seeing the next iPhone model and OS, along with upgraded Mac computer lines.

Many long awaited updates are expected in this new iPhone release, such as longer battery life, slimmer design and better camera. Some have even hoped for a glowing Apple logo. With the new OS, iPhone 4.0, we expect to see the ability to multitask, which has previously been lacking in the older OS’s and has been something which competition have hit at when criticizing the iPhone. It can be assumed that Apple have managed to overcome their security concerns about having multiple apps running alongside one another.

The general tone on the internet at the moment is; if you’re thinking of buying an iPhone or Mac, don’t. There hasn’t been as much speculation over the updates being made to the mac lines, however as Apple’s computers have been given major design overhauls and upgrades relatively recently, June will probably see more minor changes.

If the internet was a physical thing, should you attempt to buy an iPhone between now and June, it might try and beat you with a stick.


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