iPhone OS3.2 big features for a big updates.

A glimpse into the future iPhone has been, today, shown to the world; Engadget have reported that several new features in iPhone OS 3.2 have been leaked.

Reportedly there will be several brand new features popping into the popular phone’s operating system. Most interestingly perhaps is the potential support for video conferencing, which could indicate the future presence of a forward facing camera just above the screen.

The video calling feature is also supposed to allow for only part of the screen to be taken up, allowing for… Wait for it, multitasking. Features such as the video phone support for the iPhone have also given rise to the potential that Apple will make their phone a multi-tasker, which would rub over a lot of headaches coming from nay-sayers.

Video calling, any point, really?

It has always been a point of criticism that Apple has only allowed multi-tasking on the iPhone to its own apps, in a very limited way when compared to what other smart-phones in the market can do in terms of multiple apps running at once. Another very tasty feature which would be fantastic to see would be upload/download support for files from Safari.

If true, then it would mean that files could be downloaded straight from your browser and stored in your phone much like on a computer, and use the files in other apps. These updates could be precursors to OS4.0 which could be released after the iPad is sent out to shops, and giving support for multitasking to the iPad more so than the iPhone. Indeed many of these features would be useful on the larger device which is aimed more at the average consumer who needs neither a laptop nor a smartphone.

Other features which have been rumoured include; address book integration to spell checker, expanded dictionaries for the phone, USB host support, expanded Bluetooth support, handwriting keyboard and potentially location sensitive ads in Maps.

In general these updates do seem long awaited, multitasking in particular, but when iPhones are still selling like hotcakes and have outdone even their biggest rivals, do Apple really need to add a camera in which no one would really use anyway? It seems like most of these updates are for the sake of the iPad, which could certainly do with them more given that the iPhone is an established name and is going no where, and the iPad is still to impress many people.


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