Ford brings the future, and Twitter to the streets.

Famous for revolutionising the way we move about the world, Ford after a century is due to change the way we move about the web; by bringing the internet on the road. Ford plans to move us into the Minority Report future we always dreamed of by giving drivers internet access on the move as showcased in the CES in Vegas this week.

Future of driving means you'll never have to drive around looking for things, just search for them...

Announced in it’s new line of cars which are to be released soon comes internet radio, web searches and even twitter messages from the dashboard.

The company aims to bring to our cars, what we expect from our phones, or computers. The system, called Sync MyTouch, is centered around two touchscreen displays on the dashboard which will offer a driver the cars new features such as web search using the car’s 3G connections and is able to sync with mobile media devices, such as the iPhone, or iPod.

The technology will probably be Window’s based, given that the project is a joint effort by Ford and Microsoft. Although the pair of companies released the technology originally in 2007, it’s currently not widely available, and limited to a few models in the States, however both companies expect that most cars, in the US anyway, will be fitted with the Sync My Touch systems within five years.

We here in Europe should be expecting to see the system launched sometime in 2010, with any luck.

Ford was one of the biggest hit by the financial downturn last year, losing an estimated €9.5bn, however it hopes that the new system, which seems like something out of Star Trek, will turn the companies fortunes around and do away with messy stand alone gadgets like Tom Tom’s and car adapters strewn over the passenger seats.


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