Magic Mouse – late review :)

Apple began the dacade by re-inventing the way we listen to music, and now after also changing the way we use mobile phones, they’ve closed the dacade by re-inventing the way we navigate our computers, by releasing the Magic Mouse.

Re-inventing the mouse, one click at a time...

The Magic Mouse shuns the old fashioned concept of a traditional mouse, out go the cables, out go the buttons, it’s a sleek, well designed piece of technology that looks like it could have been designed by someone working for Ferrari or Lamborghini.

When you get the box, which is transparent and barely larger then the actual mouse itself, you can’t help but wonder…”Where’s the buttons?!”

Well that’s where the magic comes in. This follows on from the Macbook style of trackpad where both mouse buttons were dropped in favour of a multi-touch trackpad, this allows for more comforatable movement and also gives much more room for scrolling.

When you first get hold of the Magic Mouse, it can feel a little odd to use, accidentaly clicking things or scrolling when you didn’t mean to, however after just ten minutes you quickly forget all that and using the mouse just feels, normal. In fact it is a more natural way to navigate.

The same rules apply for people who have previously used the Macbook trackpad, whereby one finger for left-click, two for right-click, two finger scrolling and swiping to scroll left or right. This is a big step on from Apple’s previous product ‘Mighty Mouse’ whose scrollball, although nice, constantly brought in complaints over becoming dirty and unresponsive.

In conclusion, although it might start off a bit alien after a while you give in to the comfort and the added benefit of more mouse room with which to click and scroll making your navigation much smoother and seemless, as if the mouse wasn’t there at all.


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