Google sued over Nexus Series

The Nexus One is Google’s sleek little phone, Only a day after its launch, the search engine giant and wannabe phone manufacturer has come under fire from the estate of the late Philip K. Dick, for the use of the name ‘Nexus One’. Dick’s daughter, Isa Dick Hackett has contested the name as a copyright violation.

In Dick’s book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ later made into the film Blade Runner, a rogue group of androids, named the Nexus Series of machines, is hiding out on Earth, one of which was named Nexus 6. A similar situation arose when Motorola paid George Lucas for the rights to use the name ‘Droid’ on one of their phone series, which would have used the name-sake of his own characters from the Star Wars series.

However Google later pointed out that the Dick estate had not copyrighted the name Nexus One as Lucas had done with Droids, and that it was using the name in its original context as a “place where things converge”.

The Estate of Philip K. Dick had previously had a run-in with Google over it’s Book Search deal, and along with the Steinbeck estate had managed to hold up Google’s project by four months in court.

The Nexus One is the latest attempt by Google to combat the iPhone, but the first time it has made a handset from scratch. The phone has been met with great hype in the build up to its launch, but packs few groundbreaking features with which to hack away at Apple’s dominance in the way Google had been hoping and has met with mixed reviews.

Google's Nexus One; will it bring back memories for Harrison Ford?


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